Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Good News, sort of

Well I survived the Cull (not the Chicken kind) and still have a job for now.

Hard to say for how long though as the company I work for seems hell bent on demoralising and offloading most of the UK staff.

Karen and I am off for her second dose of Chemo on Friday morning. So far she has not had too many side effects and I really hope it stays that way

The Chickens are coping amazingly well with this dreadful wet 12 eggs yesterday that's pretty good for this time of year!

Lets rewind to warmer weather when flowers could hide lurking monsters

And baby Chicks could Sunbathe

Saturday, 11 January 2014

An Update on Karen and no Sheep now.

Karen had her fist Chemotherapy treatment yesterday it went well (for want of a better word)
However she is now already feeling the effects and is a little bit queasy.

She has a myriad of anti sickness tablets to take for most of the coming week plus requires injection every day for 7 days after each three weekly Chemo session of steroids to maintain her immune system.

She gets to go and collect a wig on Tuesday but will she wear it I wonder :)
In fact Tuesday will be a busy day as she is getting an MOT - well a Bone scan and a spinal scan as well

To top off an already difficult  start to the year I work for a huge well  known, company. 'They' decided to tell me last week there is a 40% chance I will be made redundant by the end of the month!

I will know (if they keep their word) by next Wednesday if I am on the scrap heap or not!

A sad day today
I had a surprisingly good response to the advert I placed on Preloved  and I took Mars and Leo to a new home on a farm in Market Drayton today.
Lots of space for them there but I will miss them.

However in reality we simply don't have enough winter grazing here which mean buying in hay which defeats the object of having them. Plus alternating the ponies between here and our neighbours field in the spring may be the best option as it will allow me the manage the grass here more easily as I still want to keep something to eat it instead of mow it

However the Chickens and Geese do seem to get through a surprising amount themselves......... more Geese perhaps..........

For now as it so wet and muddy underfoot the Ponies are back here boxed each night and wrecking the remaining grass by day. In fact I think they welcomed it as I think even for Shetlands it has been a tad too wet of late!