Sunday, 21 September 2014

Teaser 2000 - 2014

On Friday we sadly had to have Teaser pts. She had been suffering from arthritis for the last 18 months and had been on an anti-inflammatory drug called Metacam for most of this year. In the last few weeks she was clearly beginning to suffer pain and was finding it harder to stand on her own often needing us to carry her outside. So we had to make the difficult but inevitable decision and she is now buried in the Garden.

We will keep the fond memories of her and she sits within our families (dog) history as a real character.

So now what next maybe another Corgi or Dalmatian, perhaps a Beagle as I have memories of the one I had many years ago, I personally would love another Springer Spaniel but with the large Pond in the field I know we would have a permanently wet dog!

As both Peter and David will (should) have left home by the time the next dog we get reaches into old age we are going to let Alden have a say in the next one as it will most likely become his long term companion over the next few years, and Alden will take on Peters role of chief dog walker at the weekends

Teaser 2000(ish) - 19/09/2014