Sunday, 24 November 2013


On Saturday we had a proper Frost .
Bent Beak was sulking

One of Aldens Orps found a Sunny spot.

The trees are in their final colours

Our biggest SLW Roo told everyone about his apple

Peanut is still the only one of our hatchlings laying any eggs!

Perry can fly very well even with his wing clipped

Yellow Curry was on guard

Godzilla and Snowy

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A trip to the National Poultry Show

On Saturday we went to the National Poultry Show
We saw an amazing variety of birds

here's a few Firstly an Apenzellar Spitzhauben Roo

A rumpless Araucana ( I think)


Very very Brown eggs from a good strain of Maran

Typical Brown eggs similar to those we get from our Marans

A Poland

Scots Gray roo

 Russian Orloff
 A Wyandotte roo I think

 Another one
 An Alden

 A Blue Laced Wyandotte hen

A silver Spangled Hamburgh
The green dots look like they have been stuck on they stand out so well!

A Dutch Bantam roo

a Faverole

 New Hampshire Red

A silver pencilled Wyandotte

 Top Araucana

Another Hamburgh
 A friend for Jones?