Saturday, 17 August 2013

Eggs, Pecky and a Goose on the rocks.

Whoops! late with the egg count again.
Last week -
Chickens -  14
Ducks - 12

This week -
Chickens - 21
Ducks - 8

The ducks are coming to the end of their laying season but the chickens are speeding up despite a fair amount of moulting going on. I didn't count this one though,

 Poor old Pecky is a bit off colour this week. She is getting old for an ex-batt and is the last of my original chickens. She has been hiding in the barn and sleeping, and while she is eating a little, she is painfully thin, her breast bone is sticking out and there is no meat on her so not likely to survive the winter if she gets that far.
I gave her a nice warm bath and some mixed corn then let her wander round the conservatory for a while to dry off before she went back outside in the wind.

Catherine has ideas of becoming famous enough for a statue, here she is practising her pose,
and on one leg, it's her favourite perch.

And here's a family photo of the Chicks. Godzilla, at the front, has proved he is a cockerel with one of the Barnvelders, Legless, on the left, may be the biggest chicken in the flock but he's more interested in eating a nice bit of grass than fighting the 'Curries' for Top of the pecking order, and Boris, at the back, needs to lay a few eggs before winter.

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