Saturday, 24 August 2013

Relocating Roosters

The chicks are getting quite big, 28 of them was becoming a bit too many for the tractor, they hadn't started squabbling but it can't have been far off.

So in anticipation I decided to recycle the children's old abandoned climbing frame which is now known as the Dalek.

We have placed it in the Sheep Paddock and last night we took the 5 male Curries and the 3 male Vorsprung Dork Techinics, (aka the Vorwerks and Buff Plymouth Rock/Sussex Hybrids) out of the tractor and put them in their new home, they will remain separated from the rest of the flock for a few days so they learn where their coop is, we may then let them mix again but we have already noticed some of the Curries are getting a bit optimistic with the hens, with this many roosters (We think we have 16 in total) we can't let that happen so if they can't act like Gentlemen then they will remain separated until we decide which we keep and which we will be eating...

We have left the Araucana,Wyandotte and Welsummer Roosters in with the rest of the flockas they are ,for now, behaving themselves (well the single Welsummer and the Araucanas are) and the others have not begun to crow yet.

A Vorverk was on sentry duty

 Leo and Mars looked on.

Red, Yellow and White Curries were having a nap

Purple Curry was out chasing a 'Daddy Long Legs'

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