Saturday, 3 August 2013

Oswestry Show

First a  poor egg count for this week -
Chickens - 15
Ducks - 14

We went to the Oswestry Show today, it was about time. Weather was perfect, not too hot with a steady breeze. There was all the usual tractors, (and a few more up to date ones.)
But Alden was more interested in this...

and trade stands and plenty of animals to look at. My goodness you should see the size of some of those cows, almost head height but very good looking beasts.
The sheep had some amazing coats, some frizzy, some spiral and some that looked like a felt mat.

There were quite impressive horns there too on both sheep and cows, especially the welsh mountain sheep and the Highland cattle.

The Shetland ponies were lovely,

there were some beautiful colours there but the dressed Heavy horses were my favourite,

Now that's what you call Horse bling!! I bet it's the wives that do all the polishing. (No doubt because the men cannot do it properly!!)
Then we went to the see the chickens and ducks that Alden was waiting patiently to look at. I have to say it was not well presented in there and the crowds were worse than at the auctions. We did see some Vorwerks

The Light Sussex was very good and had a wealth of girlie ribbons.
There were Crested ducks that belonged to Alfie, Davids friend who sold us our first duck, 'Duck Norris', last year. He won second and third prize.

And of course there were

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  1. Wow! just love those big horses. Don't be tempted though lol
    Glad the weather was kind to you and you enjoyed x