Monday, 6 May 2013

Marigolds Glove

Marigold did it!

Lamb number 3 arrived early this Morning, she ( I think she is a she) is a darker brown than the other two more like Mars.

Meet Marigold and Glove (temp name!)


The other two lambs are a lighter brown and noticeably larger enen though they are only a couple of weeks old themselves. The now have to kneel down to feed.

They are also starting to take an interest in and eat the grown ups food!

In this picture Rolo is tucking in to some that I left on the edge of the trough. In the background is the rear door to the new Chicken Tractor, the entire thing can fold down, and further back is this weekends project, more fencing to create a separate area for the Birds from the Ponies during the day  and hopefully allow some of the grass to recover as it is not doing very well.

It also should keep the sheep out of the birds food as well but we won't be able to test that for a while as we don't want the Lambs being trampled by big hooves so the sheep will remain in their little paddock for now.


  1. Great sheep names Keith! A friend of mine down the road also has Soays - the lambs are really tiny!

  2. Yes about the size of the average Jack Russel or Yorkie!
    in the UK everyone probably knows the Marigold Gloves brand

    Not sure about elsewhere in the world so I hope I have not confused to many people :)

    We will need to get a wether to go with our Ram come Autumn as 6 ewes are enough for us for now!