Monday, 24 February 2014

Wheely bin to the rescue and titchies!

Last week Alden noticed one of the Appenzellars going into some bushes beside the Bungalow and emerging a bit later going La La La La La La La La La.

On investigation he found a pile of Eggs 23 of them!
We have three or four regular escapees that spend their days in the Garden rather than the field

Clearly one of more birds had been laying there for days.

It was not a good place to be laying eggs and once they had been disturbed it was abandoned in preference to the Dog Kennel I have in the garage which we use to house poorly birds.

The garage is normaly locked so this morning today I found two hens A Scot Grey and one of the four Appenzellars under the car port clearly looking desperate

I steered them back into the run where all the proper nest boxes are but nope so were soon over the fence again.

So then I thought about our broken Wheely Bin
We were using it for hay bales as they are a perfect fit so I took out most of the hay and laid it on its side.
In not time at all two eggs appeared so it looks like we have yet another communal nest box.

A long time ago (in Alden terms) well about 18months ago to be precise Alden saw some Yellow Partridge Bantams and has been going on about them ever since. well this weekend he bought some from a local breeder with his pocket money. They are tiny as in Blackbird size so the eggs will be extremely tiny as well yet will he dare try a tiny omelette or boiled egg.......... no!

They look just like these