Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cleo's not so good

We had the 'plaster' off Cleo's foot yesterday and it looks OK as far as it is the right colour and the skin/scales on her leg and ankle are healed. There is a bit of a lump where the break is and I suppose that's where the new bone has grown. However, she can't seem to stand up and is quite wobbly on her legs, except when I put her down on the grass outside yesterday and she bolted off towards the field! Keith put her back in with the others this morning but they were pecking her a lot and she didn't have the strength to run away so she is in the Eglu up on the grass outside the conservatory, which is softer than the slabs and straw she was on before. That does mean she is isolated from the rest of the flock for the moment whereas before she was on the platform and had them all walking around and on top of her run.

Egg count this week -
Chickens - 12
Ducks - 8
Still have a broody Snowdrop but it looks like Dotty may be laying again. I had three chicken eggs this morning but only one duck egg and that was Bubble, who is also looking a little under the weather and quite thin although she seems to be eating well. Thing is she's been through the moult, is growing new feathers and laying eggs. I don't think that's a good thing for any bird, they should be putting all their energy into new feathers or eggs not both at the same time.

All the roosters that we are sure of, (except Legless and Godzilla) are now in the tractor in the orchard. The last six went in yesterday evening after spending the day together out in the field, and there was a fight or two from the other birds but it all seemed to settle down as it got darker. Today when I took the meal worms down, there were two distinct groups standing by the fence waiting. Even though they are 'brothers', there is a distinct divide between them. 'Yellow Curry' is the top roo followed by his right hand man 'Red Curry'. Named after the leg rings and the meal they may or may not end up in.

These are the 'old' roosters.

These are the 'new' guys being watched by Yellow Curry.

Here's a nice looking sheep and there is Mr. T. (below left) due to the hairstyle,  who is probably a girl and my have to be renamed Misty. And Gerbil, because of her cheek muffs, having a snack with one of the lambs. They really like rose hips!

This ball of fluff is Legless.

This green chicken is a Diesel along with one of the Zebra's

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  1. glad the leg mended and he is the run so to speak.
    Keep away from those horns on the sheep, they look evil !
    Where are the ponies?