Friday, 31 May 2013

Splash Orpingtons at 9 weeks old

Last post from me tonight I need to go out to put all the birds to bed and then set up to shoot any more visiting Rats!

I got one last night in the barn but he was the only one that made an appearance so perhaps there aren't that many to worry about.

The Splash Orpingtons have been out with the flock for a week now and this weekend they should be going in the main coop

We still don't know if they are hens or roos but it shouldn't be too long before we can tell.
They have some leg rings now to aid identification.
Boris is Red, Godzilla is Green and Legless is Blue.
Boris was the first to hatch followed by Godzilla and finally Legless.
Legless is the one with the stubby tail as well.

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  1. getting very handsome chooks. Roosters? - look out hens lol