Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Meet Sam, Molly and Suzie

We decided on a Beagle... and some Corgis, Or put another way a proper dog for Alden and I and a couple of ankle bitters for Karen, she had wanted another Corgi for years and when we went to choose one of these two well... she could not decide so we had them both!

If you consider I could be nearing 70 by the time these three go we decided if we were going to have more than one dog again this was the right time.

We bought Sam via an ad on preloved, his previous owners were very diligent and brought him here themselves in order to check us out, Alden had the opportunity to play with him and decide if a Beagle fits the bill he decided yes quite quickly.

Sam is a lovely chap 16 months old relatively well behaved and his only vice is he does not understand the word 'Down' yet! He has very good 'doggy' manners and meets and greets other dogs without any drama a refreshing change to Teaser as she was always nervous and barked constantly.

He loves his walks and displays typical hound traits of exploring and clearing off into the distance given any opportunity. He has taken very well to the Corgis which, as we had expected is in part due to his relative young age he is really good with them only getting a bit over excited when their little needle like puppy teeth find a soft spot!

Where's that wabbit:

 Someone mention wabbit?

Here we have Suzie on the left and Molly on the right, they  both had rather dicky tummies on arrival but since sorting that out they have been clean over night which is very good for relatively young puppies. We are waiting to give them their second vaccination shots then a couple of weeks later Karen can start to walk them, meanwhile they jealously watch Sam go for his walks!

Sam spend his days on the landing keeping an eye on me as my office is on the left!
We have dug out one of the baby gates to keep the Corgis down stairs as so far they can get up the stairs ok but not down!