Monday, 7 October 2013

Egg count and broodies.

Two weeks worth of egg counts I'm afraid - sorry.
Chickens - 16 & 10
Ducks - 7  & 4
Overall this year since I started counting, the chickens have given me 728 eggs and the Ducks 517 eggs.

Things are slowing down but the good news is that Copper seems to be over her broody phase and Snowy, who was broody is laying again. The Barnvelder girls are moulting like there's no tomorrow. Some mornings I go to clean out the chicken shed and you would think there's been a pillow fight in there overnight, literally handfuls of feathers under the perches. Faye seems to be the worst, she has a bare chest.
I had hoped that Boris would be laying but she doesn't seem bothered yet. At 27 weeks (just over six months), I thought I would have had something by now. The other chicks are  20 weeks, so as they are different breeds maybe some of them will start laying in the next few weeks.

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