Friday, 25 October 2013

Happy, happy, happy!

First our egg count - Chickens 21 and ducks 3.
Next some photo's of our happy birds and sheep -

The lambs and ewes having an afternoon nibble
 Mars eating the shrubbery
 One of the silver laced Wyandotte cockerels and a Vorwerk cockerel.

Ducks that float.

And there's Peanut.
Everyones happy out in the field and the orchard.

 Mr T. or now we've found out it's a girl, Misty

 Here's Bubble


  1. It looks such a lovely place you have, wish we had more space. Still we have our five little ducks that wonder around the back garden, digging up the lawn!

  2. Yes, our field probably won't look like this for long once it gets a bit wetter. The ducks do like drilling for oil in the soggy parts.