Sunday, 25 August 2013

Goodbye to Pecky.

As I suspected, Pecky was on her last legs and passed away last Tuesday after spending all day Monday laying in the sunshine between the water and food pots. She was the last of our originals that we bought just over two years ago, and Alden's first chicken so he was quite upset.
Snowy and Dotty have both gone broody again just after they had started laying. One day I had four eggs, the next I was down to two. Mrs Dusty Bustle the Maran has started laying her lovely dark brown eggs again and Copper, the Black Rock, is the other layer. As for the Ducks, only Bubble is still laying.
The egg count is-
Chickens - 20
Ducks - 5
Pixie had a dose of colic last week but she got over it quickly and is fine now. We think she ate too much nice grass from the verges when we took her for a walk that afternoon.


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    1. Yes, it was but as I explained to Alden she had a life that was more than living in a box, never seeing the sun or scratching around in the grass and ending up as pet food.