Friday, 16 August 2013

We lost a Ewe

A little late reporting this but we wanted to be sure it was a one off.
On the 29th of July we lost one of the Ewes :(

She had isolated herself from the others the day before, got steadily weaker as the day progressed and died overnight. Absolutely nothing obviously wrong and no hint anything was wrong the previous day.

It also meant we could not use her for meat as we did not know what the cause of death was.

So sadly we learnt something new - what you are supposed to do with a dead Sheep, apparently called 'Fallen Stock'. You aren't allowed to bury them on site so it was off to a local 'Fallen Stock' centre near Wrexham with her to be used for who knows what!

As for her Lamb, she was crying for her mum for a while but fortunately she was almost weaned and seems to be coping fine

The three lambs are becoming very tame I can almost stroke them now and one of them Rolo, the first born will eat out of my hand.

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