Friday, 3 May 2013

Egg count

This weeks egg count is as follows -
Chickens - 35
Ducks - 21
Geese - 0

Catherine is getting more inventive in finding a nesting spot. Today she was in the chicken coop and found the nest box with four eggs in it and tried to sit on them. I managed to get to her before she did otherwise they would almost certainly be squashed. As she was hissing at me I held her by the neck (even though you are not supposed to) and the back end and eased her rather sternly back through the hole, grabbed the eggs before she could turn back and bolted the lid down. She was in there again tonight, much to the chickens disgust and ejected the same way.


  1. Lol I do hope Catherine is a goose, rather an over weight old lady who likes spitting and sitting on chicken eggs, what a thought!!!!!

  2. She is is a grumpy goose in a nice sort of way and only when being moved off her nest but I just turfed her out of the Chickens communal nest box again this evening no fuss this time. She is currently sitting out in the centre of the field with Zeta quite happily, I even got a cuddle.