Friday, 31 May 2013

Chicks at one week old

Some of the chicks were press ganged into a photo shoot this afternoon.
Much chirping for the others ensued but all behaved and posed on cue.

This is a Welsummer hen or should be if the sexing guides are correct as she has Chipmunk stripes to her eyes!

And this is a "Blond" Welsummer or is until further notice as we don't know what it is but is supposed to be a Welsummer and hatched from one of the 6 eggs we bought!

These are Araucanas and they lay light Blue Eggs

 This is the Araucana that hatched with a crooked beak, it seems to be straightening up.

We had eggs from two different flocks of Araucanas this one is a lot darker.

 Here we have a Vorwerk, who eventually will have an orange body and black head so currently back to front!!

A Black Orpington

One of the 5 Silver Laced Wyandottes.

These are the Buff Plymouth Rock X Light Sussex sex linked Hybrids
This one should be a hen.

 And this one a Rooster.... maybe!

This one might be a hybrid or a Buff Orpington....... not sure!


  1. Hi Keith, what fantastic photos! Looks like your chicks are all professional models, LOL. It's nice to see what the SLW will look like. The Speckled Sussex chicks are supposed to be brown. The hatchery is also including one, free, "exotic" rare breed chick of their choice. I wonder if they'll let me know which breed it is.

  2. very photogenic - the makings of models !