Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Little chicks first day out

It was a nice day today and the brooder was a bit stinky. So, up came the Eglu onto the grass, cleaned and shiny and out went the chicks for a sensory overload!

They wouldn't go inside the Eglu, only perching on the grey sill, but it was so exciting, the grass, the feather, the stick and so much room to flap about in! They have been sunbathing, flying, scratching and sorting out the pecking order, which they did not have in the brooder. 'Boris the Brave' even faced down a pigeon from the safety of the wire run as it walked past, while the other two sat by the door. He must be a cockerel!
The problem then was, 'how do we get them out?'. They need to go back in the brooder for the night as it's still a bit too cold out there. Of course, I have to crawl into the run and catch them or drive them into the Eglu where they can be cornered. So, there are NO photo's of this, I will never be a good limbo dancer, and at least I'm not so overweight that I couldn't get through the door! Poor things immediatly went under the hot plate for a rest. Not sure if it was the trauma or the exciting afternoon.

In other news, we have just put the next lot of eggs in the incubator which includes Silver Laced Wyandottes, Araucana, Vorwerk, Welsummers, Legbars and Buff Plymouth Rock x Light Sussex's.

What a lovely selection of colours, hopefully by next year, I will have the most interesting boxes of eggs for sale in Shropshire.


  1. oooh they look very happy. Hope you get some interesting new chooks