Monday, 25 February 2013

Those that fly.

Today has been an interesting chicken day. The 'Hybrids' can fly, and fly well! They are like naughty children running riot. Charcoal has already been re-named 'Copper' for her copper coloured neck. Personally I would call her Spitfire as she hasn't stopped flying over the fences all day - so much for the quarantine!

Snowdrop has also been to visit the neighbours and Dotty made it over the six foot high netting of the fruit cage. Hmm, think there ought to be a bit of wing clipping tomorrow. The Marans and Barnvelders are much better behaved and polite, although the Marans will put any intruders in their place if they don't keep out of their way. The ex-batts were most upset that I gave the other chickens some meal worms this morning, not that most of them realised they were for eating. Gladys especially was sticking her head through the wire to get to any that were close enough for her to eat, and had a bit of a tiff with one of the Barnstormers, Sorry, Barnvelders.
The polite chickens went to bed on their own tonight, the naughty children had to be unceremoniously caught by any available appendage and shoved in the coop. It will certainly keep me fit chasing those chickens round the field, especially the first few days they are let loose. I hope they don't decide to roost in the shrubbery amongst the berberis bushes - ouch!

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  1. the mind boggles thinkng of you chasing chicken lol
    Mum x