Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It is not just Chickens that can be found behind wire

During lunch today I installed the VSB automatic coop door opener that I bought from Ebay.

Most of the items used for building the Chicken Shed/Coop, the WIR and the Duck house have come via Ebay and have represented a considerable saving over buying new even though the Chickens shed was actually brand new it was still less than half the price in Argos or Homebase etc.

Anyway I did not take any pictures of the VSB today but whilst watching the Chicken peering out just before it closed it reminded me that it is not just Chickens that can be found cooped up, Here is Alden at the Pageant of Power a couple of years ago

Locked up in Police Van.

Found the Noisy button

Pint sized Riot controller

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