Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mars now has a clean rear end!

Here he is prior to the round-up earlier this morning having his Sugar Beet.

Then later on he was bribed to come back into the pen with some carrots.

Got him!

Next time we need to catch them it should be to worm them all four of them!
We also had a better sunrise today and some reasonable sunshine throughout the day on and off as well.

A passing jet.

'Funny Bunny' made an appearance.

There was some fairly heavy overnight snow but the thaw has already begun. If the forecast is anything to go by, it will be all back to mud again tomorrow!

Hopefully the solar panels might be a bit more productive though as they have been partially or fully covered for the last few days.

Last nights snow knocked out the Sky Satellite TV signal from about 21:00 and in the morning the Chickens had a tunnel instead of a wire run so it was the sticky type of Snow.

The local roads had all been visited by a snow plough.
I have never seen that done here before .


  1. High winds and heavy rain here last night kept me awake

  2. Same here last night most of the snow has gone, the field is saturated and now resembles a WW1 battlefield, very depressing.

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