Wednesday, 23 January 2013

An Egg

Yesterday, Gladys laid a proper egg, didn't oblige today though. This has serious consequences for the Saturday morning scrambled egg and bacon on toast - who gets the egg?!! Someone will have to have the Tesco free range egg if I don't get any more by Friday, (when there is more snow forecast, it's been snowing all morning today too) or mix two together. There is a definite difference in eggs, ours have thinner (or rather easier to break) shells and much more orange yolks than any shop bought ones and that includes the Organic and Free range eggs.


The ducks enjoy their afternoon mixed grain and come running out the pond to bother me for it, just like they all run into the pond when I come down with the meal worms. Meal worms float in the water and the ducks love snapping them out of the water. If I don't put them in the pond the chickens will eat them all while keeping the poor ducks at bay, that's if the ponies don't come over to see whats to eat. The grain has to go inside the fence round the pond to keep the ponies off, especially 'Miss Piggy'.

We've had some Fieldfares (birds like a Thrush) down at the bottom of the field, I think they are after the dropped Crab apples. The Diamond White Pheasant turned up today after a few days absence, and there's some really big Crows up in the Oak trees. Haven't seen any Buzzards for a while, but then the Crows normally see them off, which is good as I don't like the way they swoop over my birds.

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