Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Beer Kegs

It is Blowing a gale this eveing just like last night. After working all night through the Hurricane of October 1987 at Rochester Airport I don't like strong winds any more, that was a very scary night most people were lucky and slept through it!

The Ponies are in the stable and out of the Mud, the daft things were using the sides of their field shelter as a windbreak this evening rather than go inside of it!

At the far end of the Garden we have a solid block built three sided shelter with a metal corrugated roof.

When we moved here it was a Bar complete with optics barrels and beer coolers they had to go because some of the kegs as the boys discovered still had beer or something... in them!

I found a good use for the kegs

I think with a bit of fence juggling so they can get to it, the building can be an instant shelter for them, as they tend to stand in that corner of the field at night I think it will suit them very well.

The Sheep are hiding under their Tarp and Pallets I want to put the ponies in the same part of the field the sheep are in as it has better grass. but I am holding off till the ground firms up i.e. if it ever stops raining long enough!  That way I can give the larger paddock some recovery time without the smaller one being churned up too much as well

Coop and WIR (walk in run) construction is at that mental working out where all the bits will go stage, so I should have it all in my head ready to restart next weekend weather permitting.

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