Friday, 25 January 2013

Almost a 'Sunrise' this morning but by the time I had finished doing the feeds and grabbed my camera from upstairs the orb of the sun had already risen into the grey clouds so I missed the best shot.

And by the time I was out with the dog and up to a local field that is currently a massive puddle of several acres it had all but gone.

The puddle provides a brief winter home to dozens of Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks plus quite a few pairs of Swans

So lets have a bit of colour on a grey day!
There are a couple of Barn Owls that nest in a local tree every year here is a picture of one them from earlier last year his/her mate is lower down.

Berberis leaves in the Autumn Frost

Our Pond it won't look like this again now we have the Ponies and Eeeeep!

Another local Puddle!

Some shots of Teaser


Being Liver and White this is the only way to make her a real B&W Spotty dog!

 Dalmatians 'Smile'

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