Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vroom Vroom

A better day today, some Sun and enough wind to almost start drying the land a bit.

The roads were dry so it was a chance to take my less often used car for a run, for the first time in weeks, so as I had to go do some shopping at lunch time off I went

This is a 2004 MG ZT 260 V8 one of only just over 800 ever made and mine is also fitted with a Kenne Bell Supercharger.

It is a real Q car, outwardly it may look like a Rover 75 but under the skin MG converted the car from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive. Shoehorned in a Ford 4.6L V8 as found in the Mustang GT substantially modified the suspension and brakes, fitted a limited slip diff and a myriad of other changes. One change to accommodate the Gearbox was a heavily revised Aircon system which is a bit of weak point for these cars but with the V8 soundtrack who needs Aircon, it's windows down most of the time!

In 2010, 5 up kids luggage and all we took this car to Belgium for an MG meeting in Mechelen during a rock concert event called Manrock.
The MG meet the 'Kempenrit' involved a run out to a forest in the countryside for the main meet.
on the way we found this amazing architectural salvage yard so some of us stopped on the way back for a better look.

 Mechelen is an absolutely Gorgeous City with an incredible Cathedral Alden was allowed to ring the Bells


We visited various known and lesser known attractions, including the Atomium twice

 We looked for a WWI Cemetry containing one of Karens relatives as part of her family tree research.

We Stopped at Ypres to go to the Menin Gate memorial on a particularly wet day which put what they went through in the trenches into a degree of context.

Peter liked the Hotel Bar

 You can't go to Belgium and not visit Brussels


We also went to the Ardenne, try reading that sign in a rush to get somewhere!

Packing to go home it all fitted in some how
Despite the full blown rock festival parking within the City near the hotel was superb and the car was very safe overnight

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