Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More rain!!

When is it going to stop raining? Not this week apparently. Yesterday the field looked like an Arctic tundra, all the puddles were deep frozen, and there was a lot of them. Didn't expect the frost with all this wind. the snow has all gone now, apart from a few small piles from the snow plough and snowmen.
It has been very windy for the last couple of days, I'm quite glad the Ducks shed is still standing. The ponies have been in the stable to keep them out of the wind and rain, they don't really like it in there but its safer. The sheep just treat it like a sunny day, although they have been under their shelter a lot, especially as their favourite bamboo is surrounded by water.
The chickens are a lot happier today, scratching around in the veg plot where I've been putting some of the horse manure in preparation for a bumper crop of vegetables this year - maybe. At least the new fences should keep the rabbits out. Gladys has been laying an egg every day. I hope the other two start again soon and it would be nice to see a duck egg, they are supposed to be better for baking with than chicken eggs.
Still blowing a gale out there, nice to be in here with the fire going.

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