Thursday, 31 January 2013

I cleaned the Duck Shed and Chicken Coop today

I have been cleaning the ducks shed and chickens Eglu today. My goodness they needed a good scrub, as I didn't do it last week in the freezing weather, it showed. How those ducks manage to get the roof so dirty I just don't know. They must have a glitter ball in there somewhere and maybe Funny Bunny is the D.J., it certainly looks like they had a great party and disco. The chickens would never do that sort of thing, they are far too well mannered.
Having now stopped the chickens from trying to drink from the bucket with the disinfectant in it, I'm now having to keep the ponies out, but they don't like the bubbles and it smells funny so they leave it alone pretty quick. However, the new straw is another matter. Trying to get a wheelbarrow of clean straw through the gate and down to the duck shed in the mud and past two hungry ponies is a challenge.
The old straw is spread up by the gate to try and make it a little less slippery and soak up some of the water. I can rake it up and move it when the ground dries up a bit.
It's been sunny and windy all day, which is nice, but really cold, I've had the fire on. I was frozen after cleaning the shed, and it must have rained a bit last night because the mud is dreadful again today. Rather hoping the next lot will miss us tomorrow.
The chickens are keeping their feet dry at least, scratching through the horse manure and getting it into the soil for my veg. The old swing frame is great for stringing beans up, and the two wooden things are made from the trunks of the Leylanii that Keith cut down some years ago. I dig them into the ground so they don't fall over and with a bamboo cane across the top, hang the netting for my pea's. Works a treat.
No eggs today, I thought Gladys would have loved snuggling up in the straw. The other two are getting old, they must be nearly four by now, and as chickens have a set number of eggs they can lay in their lifetimes, they probably have laid most, if not all, of them in their previous job as battery hens. No, we are not having roast chicken for dinner on Sunday Keith!!

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