Sunday, 20 January 2013

Not your normal egg.

Yesterday, Gladys laid a very small egg. The one on the left in the picture is a normal sized egg, the other two do not have yolks and are called 'Cock eggs', 'Fart eggs', 'Witch eggs' and several other names. Gladys goes through phases of laying these sort of eggs which means I'm getting some practice at baking Macaroons which only use egg whites!!
 The sheep like sheltering under the bamboo, so Keith put the feeder there. Tried them on some carrot, were not too keen on it.
 The ducks dont like the snow much, they run for the shed and spend ages going in and out, or just standing in the doorway before making a dash back to the pond.

The beady eye of Gladys. The chickens spend a lot of their time under the cover on their run or in one of the coops, usually the one with straw in it.

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