Monday, 21 January 2013

Bamboo Rustlers!

After taking all the hay out of yesterdays diy feeder and dumping most of it on the floor, the culprits went for a nose about in the Snow and I grabbed my Nikon to see if I could get some less grainy and grey shots as Karens compact camera is struggling.

Then wandered down to the Bamboo by the pond where they were caught Red Hoofed...

Pixie seems very pleased with her blond highlights and matching Hay accessory.

The Morhens made a brief appearance whilst raiding the Duck feeder.

They examined an Alien rising out of the depths...

Meanwhile the Sheep use their stand of Bamboo to greater effect as somewhere else to hide from the elements although today it looks like an Elephant has sat on it.

Two weekends ago we built a sledge for this shed so we would have a portable field shelter for the Ponies. The four of us were able to drag it in to position easily.
To date they have only used it to eat hay in they prefer to be in the top left corner of the field at night although for the past few evenings I have brought them in. We will probably drag the sledge up there soon.

We need to catch Mars and cut away a few Dags, should prove an interesting sport at the weekend.
Here he is pretending I can't see him

His sisters look on

Ho Ho Ho.

Rather 'Farquharson' esque perhaps?

 Lastly the lunch time sky looked great and a hint of Spring our witch hazel is in flower.

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