Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Chicks... Number 1

This little Chap or Chappette pipped around 8PM last night and arrived in the early hours of this morning

We have called him/her Boris for now, Alden's idea I preferred Egbert.

He is all on his own at the moment, of the ten eggs we set six were infertile or failed to develop by day ten.

That left four, this hatch-ling and we have two that have just pipped this evening there is no sign of any activity in the fourth egg though.

Perhaps by the morning he will have two companions. In the meantime a bit of 'what do you do with a single chick' research meant Alden donated a teddy for him to cuddle up to and he also has a mirror so he knows what he looks like otherwise he might think he is going to look like a Humanosaurus.

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  1. aaaaw that is so sweetcheet ! Look forward to seeing the others