Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Geese update - they have names

The Geese are seemingly very gently things and very curious.
I have been working in Derby the past two days getting home after dark so did not see (or hear) them exploring till today.

They like the Pond by the looks of it. and just a couple of times could I hear any loud honking.
They amble along at a fairly sedate pace when it is time to herd them in for the night not all frantic and "run away" like the Ducks.

Tonight the Geese decided they wanted to see where the other birds have gone so waddled into the main run, and then waddled up the rather steep ramp into the open Duck Shed.

The Ducks were not  too happy but they soon waddled out.

We then steered them into their Kennel.


Nearly forgot

Catherine & Zeta

and if we get a Gander

He will be


Well they are Brecon Buffs!

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