Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Incubator update

Alden and I just candled the Eggs in the Incubator.
We did it on Saturday and had three, possibly four out of the ten with 'spiders' inside
And today confirmed we have four eggs doing something (you can see movement inside) and therefore six of the eggs weren't returned to the incubator.

We then (as we are beginners) didn't just throw them away but instead we cracked open the other six just to be certain there had been nothing growing inside.

None held any surprises so no mistakes in the candling exercise.
I thought they might smell when opened but they didn't

So now we wait until next Wednesday which will be day eighteen out of twenty one and then we will turn off the egg turning mechanism and raise the humidity prior to the hatch at the weekend...

I am getting excited now...

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