Monday, 11 March 2013

Three Posts all at once today, a bit like Buses..........

Nan wanted more on the Eeeeeeeeep!
At lunch time I needed to set up the Hurdles as we need to catch one of the girls and de-dag her tail at the weekend.

I had also put the two ponies on the grazing strip between the new and the old fences which is clearly greener than where the sheep are grazing, It goes from the Duck House all the away around to the ditch. They are keeping it just right at the moment short but not pounded to Mud! So as well as the occasional raid on the back lawns it means we still have some proper Green Grass for them... Only another month and the rest should start growing away again then it will be a different type of strip grazing to prevent over eating.

I know Mars is the Brown one but as for the other three Karen knows their names I just go by the different facial Features.

What we don't know yet is are any of them in Lamb, another 4 to 6 weeks and we should know for sure as they will be noticeably bigger by then or have little things at their feet.

Old Shed now on skids and the Sheep love it!
Pallet shelter has gone so if Lambs do arrive they have proper Shelter

Stop Press 'Giant Feeder' swallows up entire flock!

Here is Snow-wotsit sun bathing!

Mars is Growing well at least his horns are!
A few weeks ago
Now. I wonder how long before we need to keep an eye on him? at the moment he couldn't BUTTer toast but in another 6 months.....

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  1. Those horns look too big and the eyes have anevil look so watch your back lol