Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Splash Orpington

The eggs in the Incubator (the model is an an Rcom Suro) are from a breed called 'Splash Orpington'

We bought them from a local hobby breeder who has a web site here
Keri Aiken - Missys Poultry Shropshire

When Alden and I went to collect the eggs Keri showed us her White Orpingtons and around the foaling station where she lives.

We saw several new born Foals a couple, only days old, Alden really enjoyed it.

And I have just stumbled across this Orpington breeders web site which is absolutely nothing to do with me!

Keiths Orpington Poultry

So maybe if we make a success of this first attempt in 21 days we will have some like these eventually.


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