Friday, 1 March 2013

Total eggs this week

Since last Saturday this is the eggs our birdies have given us -
Ex-batts -5
Barnvelders - 9 Well done girls
Marans - 2
Hybrids - 0 Must do better
Ducks - 6
Total = 22 eggs!
Yesterday the ducks provided three eggs, so there must be three ducks out of five laying. One of the eggs had a blue tinge, the others were white, or they were once they were cleaned up. So apart from the omelet's, a delicious boiled duck egg sandwich and fried eggs with the sausage and chips for dinner the other night, I've made David a VERY chocolaty birthday cake with three duck eggs and there's still enough for the weekends scrambled egg on toast. Mmmm, Heaven.
Alden put the chickens to bed tonight, he managed to pick up Snowdrop on the third attempt after a face full of wing feathers. They know about meal worms now and are waiting at the gate for the afternoon feed of mixed grain.
The automatic doors on the sheds are working well. I was out a bit early this morning, in time to see them opening. There were three beaks poking out underneath the door of the chicken shed but the ducks door was a bit ahead so they had breakfast first.
Gave the duck shed a good scrubbing today and put down wood shavings instead of straw to see if that keeps them a bit cleaner and less smelly. It works for the chickens.

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