Saturday, 23 March 2013

Let it snow, bake a cake, let it snow....

 Don't think we will be going anywhere in the car today. The milkman couldn't deliver this morning until the snow plough had been up the road. To be honest, I didn't expect him to come at all, and to see the snow plough was a bit of a surprise as its a Saturday so no school up the road. All the schools were off yesterday, for a change the parents I spoke to agreed it was a good idea, sometimes they close for what many people think is not necessary and the weather doesn't justify it.
The picture to the right is a broken branch from our Pine tree that came down in the wind and snow - firewood for next year.
The chickens have not left the run today, except for Snowy and Copper, both who needed rescuing in the deep snow. The ducks and geese are down on the pond, their feet act like snowshoes so they are OK.
Had rather a lot of duck eggs which I put up for sale but no customers, so had a big bake. There are carrot cakes, choc chip muffins, and pecan and chocolate buns. There are a lot less today than are in the picture!

Egg Count for this week - Ducks 20, Chickens 16.

I gave up trying to work out which chicken laid the egg but there are only four maybe five chickens that are laying but not every day. That's the Barnvelders, Snowy, and my ex-batts Pecky and Gladys.
 Jemima Puddleduck is one of the few ducks that don't spook the geese and doesn't mind them. Maybe its because they are similar colours.Right off for lunch, omlette sandwich I think.

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