Friday, 15 March 2013

Some new Links

I added two new Links to the link pot further down the page on the right.

Well worth immersing yourself in them for an hour or two and far better than watching the constant 'killing stuff' type nonsense from the States or other inane TV drivel interspersed with equally boring and repetitive mind numbing advertising!

First is
Farm Folly
Which had me chuckling a fair bit last night at some of their posts.
Also some very good recopies and posts on other subjects.
The sheer amount of feed they put into a couple of Weaner Pigs is listed pound by pound (and even egg by egg) and I found it very interesting even the bit about butchering them at home. No we are not getting Pigs here!

Some Geese are next on my list as we have the Dog Kennels the Ducks were using looking very spare at the moment..........

Second is
I Built That
The guys work ethic and his Coops are fantastic even if the Blogs colour scheme is a bit in you face :)
I envy the sheer availability of the raw materials he can use.

I hope he can make a living from his work.

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