Saturday, 4 May 2013

Casualties of war

Not the Birds but the kids this time!

Both David and Peter have been helping me grub out the remaining damn stubborn Leylandi stumps from the front garden today and they have the scratches and bruises to show for it so well done Lads.

Now we will feed the soil with compost and horse poo etc. over the next few months so we can plant a replacement hedge in the Autumn or next spring.

Out the back tomorrow I will start on creating a small paddock in the main field this is so we can segregate the birds from the Ponies and especially the Sheep as both have been raiding the bird feeders. The Sheep can easily get into the run and probably the coops if they tried.

It will also allow me to do a bit of pasture management and I can keep the Geese and Ponies apart if needed

Plan is the birds get the top of the field which I will be reseeding as we still need to grass the old veg beds and they will have clear access to the pond. The Ponies get the bottom as well as the long run down the side of the Pond  from their Shelter. We will still let them in the rest of the field later at night once the new grass seed begins to establish.

It may also prevent a future accident in the making as the Ponies love to gallop around the pond, they treat the surrounding brick path like a mini racetrack and eventually some emerging feathered traffic is going to get trod on :)

And it will contain the Ducks in wet weather as their drilling over the winter really cost us a lot of grass.


  1. Hope they get paid well !!!!

  2. Feed, water a warm bed and intravenous TV or Xbox! should be more than enough!