Monday, 13 May 2013

The Babies leave home ... and then come back again!

As the chicks had been outside in the Eglu for the last ten days, it was decided to let them stay out overnight on Saturday. They put themselves to bed and shot out of the door on Sunday morning. Sunday night was OK but today the weather has turned cold and windy, they have spent most of the day hiding indoors. So when Alden came home from school we put them back in the brooder and brought them inside to warm up. They can go back out tomorrow, providing it's not raining to hard and there is no frost first thing. We've even been told there may be a few flakes of snow!
The two on the ends are dozing. It was taken through the kitchen window, hence the reflection of my kitchen tap. They often sleep like this with their heads hanging over the tray.
As a side note, Keith told me the other night that I had made 'a decent cup of tea'. I didn't think my tea making had been that bad for the past twenty four years!!

I had a giant egg from somebody last week, to give some perspective the one on the right is a large egg from one of the Marans and the Marans lay eggs that can compete with the biggest you will find in the shops! So the one in the centre is huge! The one on the left is from one of the Barnvelders. The big egg made a nice scrambled egg breakfast and turned out to be a double yolker.
 Egg count last week-
Chickens - 41
Ducks - 25
Geese - 0

At least Zita seems to broken out of her broody spell. Catherine is still determined to nest and hisses and 'barks' at me when I collect the chicken and duck eggs.
Pecky has been a bit off colour lately, she's the oldest and an ex-batt, my last original chicken so I'm hoping she will be fine and it's just the cold weather.

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