Thursday, 2 May 2013

Surrogate hatching!

We had nine eggs left over that would not fit in the Rcom, Incubator. so this morning Karen asked in the playground if anyone had an incubator we could borrow.

And fortunately thanks to Liz we were offered one of these which unlike the automated Rcom is a regulated temperature manual turn model so it will be down to us to get the Egg turning and humidity all right.

We were also given 12 eggs to hatch for the owner as well, including some Buff and Gold Laced Orpingtons and some Silkies.

I candled the foster eggs and one looked cracked so it was discarded which means we now have 44 eggs in total on the go. Even with a 50% hatch rate they will be a fair few Chicks of which half will probably be Cockerels! it is going to be a very interesting end of the month.

Unlike the first three chicks which we promised Alden we would not eat, the next batch, if some are Cockerels or just plain ugly.......may well be for the pot around Xmas but don't tell him!

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