Tuesday, 20 May 2014


The Geese decided to sit on their first clutch of eggs.
It was chaos :)
Both sat on a kind of stereo nest in the Dog Kennel.
Both pinched each others eggs.

Several were infertile.
Several breakages from big Goose feet, Geese seem a bit clumsy.

Then one little Gosling appeared. A day later I fould another crushed and dead as it was hatching.
the following day I heard another pipping I kept a close eye and found its egg also crushed but it was still alive. I decided it needed some help and put it in the incubator, where it hatched and after 24 hours to dry off I placed the gosling under mother Gooses wing with her brother or sister.

We had several more eggs, one went bang as I examined it and the smell of rotten goose egg is not nice.
One that was fertile but was about a week late, it hatched but the gosling did not seem properly developed and I culled it.

So we have two and we now have a productive breeding trio of Geese.
Meet Lucky (or Lucy) and Squash