Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bug Hunting

First a Cleo update
She is hanging on, eating and drinking fine just unwilling to try and stand she still seems to have plenty of strength in her wings and legs though when we handle her so who knows she may make it through.

I hope so as she was such a cute little chick and I am so cross I stood on her.
I rather wish it had been one of the boys as then it would have been a different story followed by a visit to the freezer...........

Cleo a few weeks ago.

At lunch time today I was surveying the boundary hedges as they are due for a serious haircut this year.

I came across a pair of mating Dragonflies on a blackberry I went indoors to fetch my camera but on my return they had gone however one was nearby settled on the post

On the original blackberry bush was this butterfly

Meanwhile some of the boys were bug hunting.
These are some of our Lavender Araucanas


And the Vorwerks

 A SLW (Silver Laced Wyandotte)

The Chickens love Apple as well and we have loads on the trees this year which is incedible considering the damage the weather and sheep have done, the trees hardly have any bark left!

Cleos Brother

Mars keeping an eye on me.

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  1. I would keep an eye on that sheep if I were you !
    Chooks are looking very handsome. Hope the chick recovers soon