Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ponies are back for a holiday.

Keith brought the ponies back for a holiday as he needed them to munch some grass for him.

Sadly, the geese were not as pleased to see them...

Cleo didn't make it and left us on Monday.

These are the cockerels having their meal worms, its a race.

Snowy has finally broken out of her 'broody' phase. Copper caught one of her toes in the slots of the nest box she was in. We released her with the help of some washing up liquid and stood her in some cold water afterwards. Earlier I had to help Mrs Bustles head out of the egg box part of the nest box, she must have been curious what was down there. I had taken the straw out that we had put in to encourage the hens to lay in the boxes, perhaps I'd better put it back!
Last week I had 19 chicken eggs and 6 duck eggs. I had a lovely time on Saturday making cookies, biscuits, a salmon & courgette flan and a big Duck egg cake (that was gone by Sunday!). Only Bubble is still laying and she has now made herself a nest round the other side of the pond, which involves climbing fences.
This weekend I am going to make the Christmas cake. It needs to be made early so that there is plenty of time to soak it in Whisky!!

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  1. lovely to see the ponies back. Those geese don't like anyone !! Sure you and Alden enjoyed baking and if you make two Christmas cakes, with all the booze you put in, one would keep for next year !!!
    love Mum x