Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pastures New

I decided to approach a few of our neighbours to see if we could get some extra grazing because with the arrival of the little lambs my idea of doing a bit of pasture rotation within our own paddocks temporarily went out the window!

There is an heck of a lot of land around here that is hardly ever used and some of it is in pretty poor condition as a result but finding out who owns it let alone getting in contact, well that proved pretty difficult.

We do need to rest our fields otherwise there will be nothing for later in the year.

It was a case of success with the second people we asked and our neighbours Pat and Brian opposite can be thanked for suggesting I ask them!

We now have the use of an odd shaped Acre or so of field surrounding a back garden down the lane about half way between our house and the School so Alden will be able to check on the Ponies morning and afternoon :)..... Oh yes you will!

It has (currently) lots of tasty new grass for the Ponies. It has road side access and a real bonus, mains water.

I have temporarily split the new field in two. The Ponies are in an area nearest the road and we have a some work to do in the other bit mainly improving the boundaries and clearing up anything lurking in the grass left over from a few household Bonfires etc.

We spent the day clearing and making good the fences and then took the Ponies down, they were very happy to have something substantial to munch on

This new lush grass will lead to a risk of over eating so now I need to buy a battery for my electrified fence, we have 400M of the stuff which I bought to surround the Pond when we bought Teaser and Opal. It worked on Teaser but Opal just took the shocks and still got in to and then stayed in the pond!

We will use the electric fence to strip graze the field.

This is a view from the centre to the road

Here from the Centre towards the owners rear garden, on the left.

This is taken from standing under the raised shed (playhouse).

Kids playhouse I think it would make a brilliant Chicken coop!

Munch, munch munch munch!

Pinch point in the centre with temp fencing to keep the ponies in one half!
My trailer was used to haul out mangled bit of iron railings and what looks like the partial frame of an old greenhouse that we pulled out from one corner, if they weren't so mangled I could probably make use of them somehow but instead I will take them to the local recycling centre

Worn out David! he worked hard today.
Peter was excused as he has two A level exam on Monday.

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