Saturday, 11 May 2013

Meanwhile it was also time to Candle a few eggs

This evening was Day 10, Candling and decision day.

An interesting result
We had in each incubator almost exactly 33% infertile (clear) eggs
7 out of 20 in the Covina incubator we have borrowed and 8 out of 24 in the Rcom.
Unfortunately that turned out to be all of Liz's Silkies and 5 out of the 6 Wyandottes I bought for Karen.

We also took a chance with a couple of the Welsummer and Aracuana eggs, the shells are so dark I can't see anything through them.

One dark shelled egg got a reprieve I thought it was no good but took another look and saw something moving so back in the bator it went .

We then, as we are still beginners, cracked open all the apparently infertile eggs just to be 100%
they were all as we suspected

So now we have 29 give or take a couple  eggs on the way to hatching....
In 10 days we will know how successful that will be.

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