Thursday, 5 September 2013


Been busy digging up the potato's, picking more beans, drying and tying onions, courgettes are going berserk(but the chickens love them), dug the spring onions before the baby bunnies eat any more of the tops off them and the beetroot which have grown rather large all of a sudden.

The broad beans are sprouting from the bottoms, so I cut the old stems off and let the new ones flower.
The sweetcorn is rather late so I'm not convinced I will have much from them.
The parsnips are getting a lot of leaf, which is good, unlike the carrots and lettuce that don't have any leaf at all - baby bunnies again.
Runner beans are growing before my eyes and the freezer is filling.
Pea's have finished, even though there are a few flowers still, the pods that are still hanging on are not filling out.
Cucumbers have still got a few flowers on in the greenhouse and the tomatoes were not very good this year but I have had some.
I tried celery which is nowhere near the size of the ones in the shops but I did try a peice, it was a bit tough and the flavour was strong.
I still have the potatos in bags to tip out and a few rogue ones that are growing among the beans, sweetcorn and courgettes. That will last us well into next year and the christmas dinner will be all 'home grown' maybe even down to the meat?!