Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cleo's broken toe.

Cleopatra, our Welsummer, broke her toe getting under Keith's feet yesterday. After some research on the Internet we decided to splint it and see what happens.
We assembled everything we might or might not need, sponge, a piece of plastic cut from an ice cream lid, masking tape, duck tape, cotton wool, antiseptic wash, scissors, towels.
 Poor Cleo, she didn't like being wrapped up in a towel.
 Washed her foot with some antiseptic,

 dried it off, it looked bruised.
 Used masking tape to hold it in place on a specially put together splint to try and hold the toes straight.

 And then covered it all in duck tape, no pun intended but it does look like a flipper.
If she doesn't pull it off herself then it can come off next weekend.

Put three of the Araucana cockerels in the Dalek and some of the chickens we know are girls up in the barn. (Cleo was one of them but now she's in the recovery run.) They are settling OK at the moment, the girls had to be put on the perches the first night, they were not sure what to do but are getting the hang of things.

Egg Count -
Chickens - 11
Ducks - 10
They are really slowing down now, only Mrs Bustle and Copper are laying and Copper is the first to be laying in the nest boxes in the barn.

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  1. aaawww!! Hope you scrubbed up and wore masks and gowns lol Must say they do tend to get under your feet