Monday, 7 October 2013


This weekend was a new milestone, two of the Roosters became Dinners!
We watched plenty of You Tube type videos to understand how to humanely kill, de feather and butcher them, and proceeded to do the deed on Saturday morning.

All in all it really was not to difficult we still have all of our fingers!
It just took longer than expected but that will improve with practice.

In addition all the veg came from the Garden as well  so we have enough meat and veg to have some totally home sourced dinners for several days

The bottle of wine seemed very suitable and was part of a case of  twelve that I received as a reward from work for being a good egg!

It will be the turn of some of the Curries next probably four of them.
We will keep one of them - Yellow Curry for a bit longer as he is by far the most Grown up of the boys at the moment and he is great to watch offering anything he can to his Hens!

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  1. I think I might be going off chicken dinners !!!