Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Moving Day, except for the Eeeeeeeeeep.

We moved the chickens from the veg plot on Sunday. Alden helped me take the coops out, clean them and hide them by the garage. The chickens were quite slow to leave the safety of the veg plot on Saturday but braver on Sunday, venturing into the run and some going down to the pond. It was 'interesting' getting them all in the run at bedtime, the ducks are scared of them and the chickens were confused except the original
ones,who were not happy at their home being invaded.
 Last night I had to evict one of the Marans from the ducks shed, she had settled down comfortably in one corner and the ducks were all huddled in the other, keeping as far away from her as possible. With claws, beaks, wings and feathers flying, I managed to catch her by the legs which resulted in her hanging upside down for a few seconds. She was very calm after that, and securely tucked under my arm, she was relocated to the hen house.

This is the ponies new shelter. When we moved in it was an outside bar complete with optics and pumps and a few beer barrels. Then we used it as a wood store but it seemed obvious that it would make an ideal shelter for Bouncer and Pixie. So theres Bouncer eating from the hay rack in the corner, and there is a water supply in the chalet next to it.
The weekend was spent incorporating it into the fields fencing and cleaning it up.

Theres Keiths two Marans, pecking around on the platform where the greenhouse used to be, keeping a wary eye on Gladys who doesn't stand any nonsense from any of the new girls.
We have only had two chicken eggs so far this week, both ex-batt. The ducks are doing well, eight! Jemima may be getting broody, she's eating a lot and keeping away from the others. The Moorhens have a nest with four eggs in it but don't seem to be guarding or sitting on it, wonder if it has been abandoned.

We are taking down this rather large conifer that has started to sprawl and fall apart. It was a lovely tree but now far too big, there's a whole rabbit warren under there. The main trunk will be left as an end for the washing line and the space is where the greenhouse will be.

We wormed the sheep yesterday, (Monday) by mixing it in their sugar beet breakfast. They look happy today so cannot have done anything too wrong. They are growing fast.

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  1. so let's have pictures of the sheep !!! Not seen them for ages