Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Omelette for Lunch


We had more than enough eggs for an Omelette for lunch today.
I like Omelette's, might get another one tomorrow if the birds oblige.........

As part of their free range 'training' the new Chickens were all introduced to earth worms at lunch time today and yesterday.

I am not sure most of them knew what a worm was because they could have spent all there lives in runs, but they soon worked it out and now worms are in great demand.

the Hybrids are incredibly tame the White one especially, she can be handled easily already.
Not good if a predator comes along though :( for that you need 'run away' type Chickens.

Our Neighbour Michael delivered another bag of vegetable scraps including some carrots for the ponies and some young lettuce seedlings which went in an instant.

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  1. give them spahetti they won't know the difference !!